Volemic research report into data security breaches reported to the UK's Information Commissioner's Office and how to prevent them


A study into reported data security breaches and how to prevent them.

Data security is a key, and growing, risk for our customers and we recognize the range of challenges it presents.

Faced with growing business demands, increased regulatory scrutiny and evolving threats from cyber criminals, those responsible for data security within organizations are frequently having to make complex choices about where to focus their resources.

This research is designed to help make those choices easier by identifying where risks actually lie. By taking a data-driven approach to security incidents reported across the UK over a 12 month period, it is possible to be clear-eyed and hard-nosed when it comes to addressing the most common causes of data security incidents.

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Of companies have 21+ insider incidents p.a. 

- Ponemon Institute


Of data breaches are the result of human error

- UK Information Commissioner’s Office, LTM


Average cost of US data breach

- Statista, 2022